More than just snazzy eyeglasses,

Hazel Eyecare provides first class eyecare

in the heartlands.

The Hazel Eyecare experience

Here at Hazel Eyecare, providing quality eyecare is our core business.

Eyecare that is tailored to each individual, because our eyes are all different.

We strive to improve your vision, while also making you look good.

We promise you the Hazel Eyecare experience.

Our suite of eyecare services

Eye Screening

Eye screening is a preventive measure to myopia, presbyopia and eye diseases.


Eyewear accentuates your facial features, adds that oomph to your outfit, and makes you feel confident and great.

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are great for anyone who needs vision correction and doesn't want to wear eyeglasses the whole time.

What our clients say

“Glad I made the right choice of having my prescription spectacles from Hazel Eyecare. I was very impressed by Hazel's service on my first visit. She did a very thorough check on my eyes and prescribed me the right kind of spectacles which I like very much. Hazel is knowledgeable, caring, polite and friendly which made me feel so valued as a client. Hazel is the best optometrist I have encountered and will gladly recommend her to anyone.”

Yong Joo

“Hazel is always meticulous with eye checkups and explanations, even with contact lenses. I have been going to her for years and would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a reliable optometrist!”


“... When it came down to the eye checks, though this was provided to customers as a complimentary service, many do not know that outside opticians charge a fee for some of the checks which Hazel provides for free! In contrast with industry standards, Hazel tops the class with her professionalism shown. I am also impressed when Hazel dispensed to me useful eyecare advice. If you're looking for quality eyecare, I highly recommend Hazel Eyecare."​


“... Overall we spent quite a fair bit (actually way more than I had budgeted) but we left the shop satisfied due to her impeccable service standards and professionalism. In my 20+ years of experience with local shops, none have managed to convince me to return. Hazel definitely has.”


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16 Years of Optometric Excellence

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