Eye Screening

Eye screening is a preventive measure to myopia, presbyopia and eye diseases.​

Optometrist Hazel generally recommends the following frequency for eye screening:

Children - every 6 months

Adults - every 12 months

(more frequently if there is history of eye conditions like glaucoma, macular degeneration or medical history like diabetes etc)​

Our comprehensive eye screening includes screening for:

​• Glaucoma (青光眼)

• Cataract (白内脏)

• Age-related macular degeneration (黄斑变性)

• Retinal health assessment (视网膜检查)

• Presbyopia assessment (老花)

• Squint eye

• Lazy eye

• Colour deficiency test

• Computer syndrome assessment​

• Binocular Vision assessment

• Diplopia (Double vision) assessment

• Refraction (checking for short/long sighted and astigmatism)

​• Dry eye syndrome evaluation​

The full eye screening fee is S$50.00 and will take around 30-45 mins. Book an appointment with us to avoid any disappointment!

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